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We handle everything from brand new construction design+build to remodeling and additions or even simple remodels.

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We handle everything from brand new construction design+build to remodeling and additions or even simple remodels.

Encino Licensed Contractors

Benefits of Hiring Encino Licensed Contractors 

Whether you’re undertaking a simple home improvement project or putting up a major building, it’s advisable to hire licensed contractors and investigate their licensing reference number. A licensed contractor is bound to comply with state building standards; codes as well as procedures to enable you know that the project is done right. As you verify contractors, licensing, issues such as complaints, lawsuits or service problems with the contractors in question will be availed to you. Take a look at benefits of working with an Encino licensed contractor:


They have training and experience

In order for a contractor to obtain a license, he must be able to demonstrate various competencies levels through job experience, training as well as standardized testing. This regime was put in place to make sure you are guaranteed to get the highest quality service available.

Trusted Tradesmen

A licensed general contractor has a wide network of trusted subcontractors and tradesmen. Working with and managing a top-tier contractor ensures that your project is carried out rightly for the first time, thereby eliminating the need for sections of the job to be done several times, saving you money in the process.

They have the lowdown on building codes and other legal issues

Construction is regulated by complex and specific building codes that every licensed builder should be aware of and abide by. A qualified contracted who is licensed knows perfectly well the ins and out of the regulations and codes. They are also insured to cover liabilities that may happen in the course of construction process, which saves you money, time and grey hairs in the case of any unfortunate event.


The law requires that all licensed builders post a bond so as to protect you and carry a worker’s compensation insurance. Only a handful of unlicensed contractors have such protections. In the event of an accident- for instance, injury on your property in the process of construction, chances that you will be held responsible are high if your contractor is not licensed. Although this is not fair, you may ultimately be held responsible, even if your contractor or company lied about the issue of license.

How can you ensure your contractor is licensed?

Unfortunately, unlicensed worker can work under the name and license number of certified business and may often trick homeowners. There are websites in the internet such as better business bureau that can help you confirm the identity of your company’s contact person, license expiry date as, license type, as well as the holder. You can also check and verify your business, workers, compensation insurance status. Always makes you request a copy of your contractor’s worker’s compensation insurance and bond, if any.

Choosing an Encino licensed contractor to take care of your constructions or home improvement projects can pose a great challenge especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you already have a contractor or a company in mind, be sure to ascertain that the staff is licensed and certified and the company too is accredited.

Note that using an unlicensed contractor may transfer much of the risk and responsibility to you as the owner of the project. You can be sued and personally be liable in the event of an accident where proper license isn’t in place. In such a situation, you will l be taking a major role in management of the overall project.

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Call Now for an Estimate (818) 369-4698
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